Jacked nutrition is a supplement manufacturing brand. They sell a wide variety of supplements ranging from pre-workout to post-workout and vitamin supplements.  

Company overview  

The company was started in august 2010. They have a group of qualified health professionals and trainers with years of experience in their respective fields. Their goal is to help people to achieve their fitness and health goals.  

They provide personal training services and supplements. They help to change lifestyles of people to achieve their health and fitness needs.  

Owner of jacked nutrition:  

Muhammad Abbas, CEO of jacked nutrition started this company in 2010. He is a certified personal trainer, certified fitness nutritionist, certified exercise physical therapist, and also holds a qualified ACCA degree.  

His dream was to create a company that can provide the highest-quality supplements, nutrition, and multivitamins. He stepped into the fitness industry and started a company that became the best supplement-selling company in Pakistan.  

Stores in Pakistan  

Jacked nutrition built its empire by starting stores in big cities of Pakistan including: 

  • 2 stores each in Islamabad, Karachi, and Lahore  
  • 1 store each in Faisalabad and Rawalpindi  

Supplements, Vitamins, and Multivitamins 

Supplements are dietary compounds that not only include different kinds of vitamins. In addition, they contain fiber, amino acids, and enzymes. They are added to the diet to compensate for any kind of deficiencies.  

Supplements can be used by healthy people who are not taking a healthy diet and whose diet is lacking in minerals and vitamins. They are also used for people with specific deficiencies.  

Vitamins are organic compounds needed in smaller quantities but they are essential for the normal functioning of the body and metabolic system.  

Jacked Nutrition’s Supplements 

Jacked Nutrition is a Pakistan-based brand and they manufacture a wide range of supplements. 

Vitamin C 

They sell vitamin C tablets which are strong antioxidants. Vitamin C helps to control blood pressure, lowers the risk of iron deficiency, reduces the risk of various chronic diseases, and boosts immunity.  

Omega- 3 

Omega 3 is being sold in the form of fish capsules. Omega-3 are essential fatty acids (good fat) that reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases and keep the body healthy. It helps the lungs, heart, and immune system to work properly.  

Green Tea Extract 

Green tea also contains strong antioxidants. They promote heart, liver, and brain health and are also known to improve skin and reduce the risk of cancer.  


It plays an important role in producing energy from fats. L-carnitine is important for muscle movements, and heart and brain function. It also helps to reduce visceral fat.  


Burn+ helps to burn fat by boosting metabolic rate  

DHT Blockers 

DHT blockers are the solution to hair fall. DHT blocker reduces the DHT in the body and prevents hair loss. This supplement reduces hair fall and helps hair to regrow 


These multivitamin tablets provide nutrients that are deficient due to poor diet. They also boost the immune system and reduce heart-related diseases.  

Peanut Butter  

Peanut butter is a rich source of protein and helps to lose weight and lower cholesterol levels.  

Advantages of Jacked Nutrition Supplements 

There are several advantages of multivitamins and supplements if they are consumed in an appropriate way 

  • Helps to improve brain functioning 
  • Improve eye health 
  • Boost metabolism and maintain a healthy body odour 
  • Improve cardiovascular functioning  
  • Maintain strong bones  
  • Promote a healthy aging process  
  • Helps to improve skin and hair texture  

Protein Supplements 

Protein supplements, especially protein powders are a great way to improve the protein status of the body if your diet does not contain enough protein. It also helps to gain muscle mass.  

Using protein supplements helps to repair and build muscles after a workout session  

Types of Protein Powders  

Whey Protein Powder  

Whey protein powder is a mixture of whey concentrate and hydrolyzed proteins. It is a powdered form of protein extracted from milk, eggs, and plants. They also include other minerals and vitamins.  

Whey Protein Isolate 

Whey protein isolate is a 90% concentrated protein formula. It is isolated through the filtration process and removes excess fat and carbohydrates  

Whey concentrate protein  

Contains 60% protein and the remaining part contains carbohydrates and fats. It helps to build muscles and helps in the repairing process of muscles  

Whey Casein Protein  

Casein protein is extracted from milk and yogurt. It takes a longer time to digest while whey protein is digested quickly.  

Benefits Of Protein Powders 

  • Eating enough protein help to build the muscles of athletes and bodybuilders. They also help to prevent muscle loss during the weight loss process  
  • Protein help in the recovery process in athletes and bodybuilders after a heavy workout session.  
  • It boosts protein synthesis and muscle performance  

Pre-Workout Supplements 

Pre-workout supplements help to boost energy before your workout session. It should include ingredients like 

  • 150- 450gm caffeine  
  • Beta-Alanine  

It boosts workout intensity and provide oxygen to muscles for better performance  

Other products  

Other products sell by jacked nutrition are:  

  • Post-workout recovery supplements 
  • Creatinine  
  • Testosterone boosters 
  • BCCA 
  • Protein bars  
  • Beef bars 
  • Vegan protein  
  • Mass gainers  
  • Stim fat burners 
  • Collagen supplements  
  • Sleep support  


Jacked nutrition is a well reputed Pakistan-based supplement manufacturing company. The owner of this company worked hard to manufacture supplements that really works for people. They have a wide range of products including weight gain, weight loss, pre-workout, and post workout supplements. They collaborated with other brands to provide best quality supplements and multivitamins.  

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