hey there! It’s Dietitian Rimsha. being a dietitian is an information platform regarding nutrition, fitness, and disease management through diet. I am a qualified Dietitian and I love to teach people about the importance of “eating right” not “eating less” as people think.
there are many myths regarding food and eating patterns. here you will find correct information, general diet plans for weight loss, and much more. if you want to lose weight or have any type of disease you can manage it with your diet. my goal is to help people to feel good about their physical and mental health and enjoy their lives to the fullest, by just changing their eating habits.
food is an important fuel and you can live a better quality of life by eating healthy. society’s pressure and shame about your body are letting people get into eating disorders and undernourishment due to eating less. I learned to make food choices and identified my role as a dietitian as helping people to build a healthy relationship with diet.