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Our history

2009–2013: Beginning of the Journey

BeingDietitian was founded by a group of enthusiasts who combined their love for health and nutrition. Our journey began with the idea of creating a place where people could receive not only nutritional advice, but also support in their pursuit of a healthy lifestyle.

2014–2018: Development and Personalization

Every year, BeingDietitian became a place where clients found an individual and competent approach to their health. Our team of nutritionists develop personalized meal plans based on each client's needs and goals.

2019–Present: Health Care in the Spotlight

Today BeingDietitian is not just a clinic, it is a center where every client feels the importance of their health. We implement the latest trends in nutrition, providing our clients with not only knowledge, but also tools to manage their diet.


Our achievements

Individual Approaches:

BeingDietitian is recognized for its customized meal plans designed to meet each client's unique needs.

Professional Consultations:

Our nutritionists have a high level of expertise and are recognized as professionals in the field of health through proper nutrition.

Innovations in the Field of Health:

BeingDietitian constantly introduces new technologies and techniques to provide customers with the latest trends in dietetics and health.

Positive Customer Results:

Our clients achieve noticeable results in improving their overall health, losing weight and increasing energy through our nutritional approaches.

Team of Experts:

BeingDietitian is proud of our outstanding team of nutritionists who bring all their knowledge and experience to the health of our clients.

Successful Programs:

Our nutritional health programs are successful due to their effectiveness and attention to detail.


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